“Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.”

There Is A Different Way To Live

Live Conscious. This is something we can all do. When we make living consciously our daily practice we free ourselves from conflict and negative self-talk. When we live consciously we live wisely, think deeply, and love generously. We invite you to slow down—read our blogs, join our webinars, take advantage of our private consultations and online courses, and join us on one of our week-long retreats where we all learn to live and love better.

Why wait to be happy?

Dynamic Duo

Jake and Hannah Eagle are the co-creators of Live Conscious and bring over 50 years of combined experience in psychotherapy and alternative health counseling to their work.

Jake Eagle, during a break at a Live Conscious retreat, sits listening to the ocean and takes a moment to answer this one question.

Are You Ready To Live Conscious?

Webinars & Podcasts


We invite you to sit back, listen or watch, and discover how to live more consciously.

  • Never Fighting Again
  • Moving from Anxiety to Peace
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Living Consciously
  • Waking Up to Life
  • Learning to Relate in a Mature Way


Experiential Retreats


Once or twice a year we conduct small group retreats in beautiful locations around the world. We get away from the hustle and bustle—enjoy time and space to reflect, learn new skills and connect with other people equally interested in living consciously.

Online Course


This is our new online course. Ten people are selected to participate in each 22-day program. We meet one evening per week via video conference. You can bring a “buddy,” or select a “buddy” during the first class—someone to partner with. Transform your life by discovering how to be thrilled to be alive!

Our Latest Articles and Advice

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What’s the Gift Hidden in the Coronavirus?

What’s the Gift Hidden in the Coronavirus?

I was recently tested for the Covid-19 virus and as I self-isolate in my apartment with my cat, I’ve had an abundance of time to consider how I want to respond to the events of the world and manage my anxiety regarding my test results. I was out of the country when...

What does it take to live with an open heart?

What does it take to live with an open heart?

Is it possible to live with an open heart—in heart consciousness—all the time? That depends on two things. For the past two or three years, we’ve been introducing the idea that there are different levels of consciousness. We’ve identified three levels:...

Meditating Without Meditation

Meditating Without Meditation

Do you feel as though you are going too fast and living on autopilot too much of the time? Most people get to end of their lives and wonder “Where did my life go? It went by in a flash.” This is because we were barely paying attention. We can learn to slow down and...

Microdosing Mindfulness

Microdosing Mindfulness

Stretching time Imagine if you could s-t-r-e-t-c-h time. How would you feel if you had more time every day? Evidence suggests you’d be more present and patient, have more meaningful experiences, and spend more of your time volunteering to help other people. If...

The Answer To These Troubled Times

The Answer To These Troubled Times

Do you believe in “channels”? I’m not talking about television stations, but the idea that spirits, voices, entities, can come through us and communicate information. I never have. But that didn’t stop me from channeling the following message...