Medicinal Meditations

Medicinal Meditations

Medicinal Meditations are healing meditations. Some of them serve a broad purpose, such as helping you ground yourself, or open your heart, or access expanded states of awareness. Others are specific to the various challenges you may have. For example, we added one to help you reduce anxiety about the coronavirus.

These meditations alter your level of consciousness, thus opening new possibilities for healing and growth.

Four-Minute Meditation Instructions

There are many meditation techniques, but few that I’ve come across that are as helpful as this one, which is my morning meditation and it only takes 4-minutes to complete.

Four-Minute Meditation

This is the actual meditation.

Freeing Yourself From Anxiety

This meditation is designed to help you reduce anxiety—specifically related to the coronavirus

Going Beyond Tension and Conflict

This meditation is designed to help you reduce tension and conflict with someone you care about.

Being With That Which You Resist

Being with that which you resist is an act of compassion and generosity.