"I believe the very purpose of life is to learn to be happy in an imperfect world."— His Holiness the Dali Lama

About Jake & Hannah

We’ve been happily married since 1993, and we marvel at how easy our relationship has become. This is due to the communication and relating skills we learned from the practice of Live Conscious.

I, Jake, was a licensed psychotherapist for twenty-five years. Now I refer to myself as a meta-therapist, coaching and mentoring people to see what’s possible beyond therapy. I believe therapy has its place, but also its limitations. And, I, Hannah, practiced classical Homeopathy for twenty years in New Mexico and now I provide alternative health consultations. We moved to the big island of Hawaii in 2017, and we continue to conduct Live Conscious Retreats at beautiful locations around the world.


Radio interview of Jake & Hannah Eagle

If you want to gain an understanding of our work, listen to this interview conducted by Rhea Goodman, host of Living Juicy.

For fifteen years we’ve been conducting retreats around the world, gathering small groups of 20 people at a time and living together in community, learning and practicing how to live and love consciously.

These retreats were originally developed by our mentors, John and Joyce Weir. They refined this work for over forty years and then invited us to be stewards, carrying it into the future.

There is nothing we are aware of quite like these retreats. All sorts of common misconceptions about therapy and personal growth work are challenged in ways that explain why many people—people who work hard to bring about change in their lives—have not gotten the results they desire.

If you are looking for a new way to bring about change and growth in your life—a gentle and easier way—we invite you to explore what we have to offer.

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Jake says: “I was a psychotherapist for twenty-five years. I loved it. Then, I came to recognize the limitations of therapy, how it contributed to the client’s problems, spending too much time focused on the past and having conversations at the wrong level. Now, I’m a meta-therapist, helping people explore what comes after therapy. We only need to spend so much time processing our feelings and understanding our pasts. There comes a time to stop the work and start celebrating being alive. I’ve developed a specific method for this purpose. This is my current passion.”

Hannah says: “I love leading groups through unique experiences, movement, and the practice of sensory awareness to help ground the theoretical aspects of Live Conscious into the physical body. Through these experiences, we can wake up, become more present, become more of who we are, and discover new creative, life-affirming aspects of ourselves. We learn how to be happy.

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