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How to Get From There to Here

Why are you reading this blog on this site? I started reading blogs on this site two years ago because I was trying to get from there to here—”there” being stuck and “here” being happy with myself. Since attending my first Live Conscious Retreat last summer I have transformed myself. I know that sounds dramatic, but […]

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Up Against The Glass

I’ve recently returned from a two-week excursion of channeling my mother. Not what I would call a luxurious holiday, but looking back I see it was a necessary fact finding adventure. And, like many adventures, I found myself in turbulent waters, desolate landscapes and challenging situations. Although my mother’s mind and heart are familiar territory […]

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Being Human

Feel stuck? How do you un-stick yourself? By being human. I recently had a patient come in, a lovely, fairly successful, quite confident teacher in the field of personal growth. She was feeling stuck in her life. She could not motivate herself to do the things she needed to do to promote her work, something […]

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How to Individuate | Step Three

The final stage in the process of individuation is reconnecting with the person you individuated from and interacting with them without losing yourself. This is not always possible. But you won’t know until you go through the stages of declaring and separating, which I previously wrote about. This final stage involves making new agreements, but […]

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How To Individuate | Step Two

This post explores how to individuate by taking the second step in the three step process. In an earlier post I wrote generally about the individuation process. I identified three stages: Declaring Separating Reconnecting I’ve written about declaring, and now I want to address the next step, separating. How To Individuate: Step Two To separate […]

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How To Individuate | Step One

 This blog post explores how to individuate. In an earlier blog post I wrote more broadly about the Individuation Process. I wrote about the need to individuate if we ever want to become our own person and live a life of our own choosing. I wrote about how individuating can begin in our teens and […]

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Meditation and Psychotherapy

We recently had a gathering of Live Conscious graduates join us at our home for a discussion about meditation and psychotherapy and how to live without resistance, which I refer to as living with “Fierce Grace.” This expression comes from a movie about the spiritual teacher Ram Dass. It’s worth watching. We cause ourselves suffering […]

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Am I Depressed?

Am I depressed? Many of us struggle with depression. I used to. But in recent years I’ve learned to hear depression as a shout from within myself saying, “pay attention to me!” Depression is not necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn’t have to be endured. If you listen and act appropriately, you can use […]

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The American Nightmare: Psychology Today – Happiness

Lauren Sandler proposes the question in Psychology Today : “Why are we not happy even if we have everything the American Dream prescribed?” She cites surveys that are revealing that we, “have grown continuously more depressed over the last half-century.” Sandler quotes behavioral researchers who say that, “much of our discontent seems linked to the […]

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