How To Reinvent Yourself

During the summer of 2021, Shawn Marshall put together a conference called Reinvent Yourself. He invited 21 speakers to participate. This is a recording of Shawn’s conversation with Jake Eagle, in which Jake introduces four models:

  1. How to design your life around your values (5:40 into the talk)
  2. How to change your language so that you empower yourself (Examples throughout the talk)
  3. How to quickly access higher levels of consciousness using the the A.W.E. process. (42:00 minutes into the talk)
  4. How to understand and use the Three Levels of Consciousness.(53:00 into the talk)

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One of the reasons people struggle in life and relationships is because their actions aren’t aligned with their values. In this talk, Jake presents a simple model for figuring out your values, and he reveals the most common mistake people make when doing this kind of work.


Throughout this video there are several examples showing how to empower yourself by using Perception Language. It’s fun to watch these examples happening in real-time as part of the conversation.


The Awe Study that Jake Eagle and Michael Amster conducted at UC Berkeley in 2020 demonstrated the power of this simple technique—to increase mindfulness and decrease depression, anxiety, loneliness and pain. In this interview, Jake walks the interviewer through the steps.

Three Levels of Consciousness

We continue to see this as a new paradigm for personal growth that helps people go beyond the limits of traditional psychotherapy.

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  1. Anne Stephens October 31, 2021 at 12:19 pm #

    I was in the AWE study and I enjoyed watching and am starting to pay attention to my values. Thanks Jake!

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