Transformative Tales Course

If you feel as though something is missing, if you’re on a hamster wheel of personal growth, going faster, working harder, but not getting what you hope for, then maybe these Transformative Tales and the way I share them will serve you well.

I haven’t shared these Transformative Tales until now, even though my first experience with them was fifty years ago. Why? I was concerned that if I told the story behind these tales, I would look as if I was into magical thinking. Yet, I wasn’t. Actually, I’ve always been pragmatic—relying on commonsense, honesty, and rigor. But here’s the thing: for over five decades, I’ve seen how these tales (the concepts and skills within them) can make a remarkable difference in people’s lives.

If you’re unsatisfied with your life and relationships, feeling stuck—and you’ve tried various solutions—perhaps it’s time to consider a different approach. I was in private practice as a psychotherapist for over thirty years. And although psychotherapy can be extremely helpful, it also has limitations, and it’s possible for us to get lost in the endless maze.

Is it conceivable that just six or seven concepts and tools are needed to live a deeply satisfying life while enjoying healthy relationships? I believe so. Consistently applying these skills could prevent us from feeling stuck, endlessly processing our feelings, being reactive, fearing disapproval, or lacking meaning in our lives. This approach differs significantly from spending years asking “why,” believing our past creates our present, addressing one limiting belief after another (“I’m not enough”), getting lost in our own stories, or endlessly distracted with the busyness of life.

I have been learning about the six or seven concepts I’m referring to since I was young. It started on October 31, 1974—Halloween—when I accidentally drove my brand-new BMW off a cliff.

I was eighteen years old, a freshman, unbound by rules and regulations, driving a rural country road, going over a hundred miles per hour, when I lost control. My car was destroyed. As for me? I can’t put what happened into words, nor do I fully understand what happened. Did I die and come back? Pierce the veil into another realm? Or maybe it was a traumatic brain injury? What I do know is that in the following decades after my accident, I experienced six “visions, transmissions, messages, teachings” that changed my understanding of human nature and relationships. Each time this has happened, it has been a bizarre experience, and the concepts and skills I learned have proven to be invaluable—and now, I’m choosing to share them.

Is This For You?

    • Do you want to be connected to the miracle of being alive, experiencing awe and wonder every day?
    • Do you want a new way to understand human behaviors so that you stop being reactive, release your attachment to unhelpful beliefs, and stop taking things personally?
    • Do you want to set boundaries in your life that allow you to relax while feeling inspired and set boundaries so that you no longer tolerate immature or inappropriate behaviors in yourself and others?
    • Do you want to know how to alter your level of consciousness so that you live with more gratitude and are able to access a state of timelessness and expansiveness that helps you not take yourself too seriously?
    • Do you want to stop telling the same old stories, ones you may have worked on for years in therapy, and learn to create healthier stories?
    • Do you want to embody a state of presence and use that quality to propel you in your life instead of relying on force?

If you answer yes to one of the questions above, the Transformative Tales Course is likely to be of value to you. The more questions you answered “yes,” the greater the value the course will have for you.

Why This Works?

I think it’s fair to say this course is unlike anything else that’s available. It incorporates central tenets of neuroscience that make it easy for you to learn new concepts and skills.

Yes, the content is at the heart of the course, but part of the power of this course is in how it’s presented. The booklets you receive are short and easy to read—fun, entertaining, humorous, and, at times, bizarre. They are engaging and will help you relax—because we learn best when we’re relaxed.

In addition to the booklets, you’ll receive short audio recordings—three or four minutes—spaced out so that you receive one every three days. You can listen once or more than once. The audio recordings help you put into practice the concepts and skills you learn in each Transformative Tale. The spaced repetition—learning in micro-doses—over an extended period allows you to integrate the concepts and skills into your life effortlessly.

The process I’ve created—asking you to spend time with each transmission—serves as a filter. If you feel impatient and unwilling to pace yourself, this isn’t for you. This course is not about going faster, working harder, or doing more. These Transformative Tales invite you to slow down, stop distracting yourself, and experience the awe of being alive.

How This Works

  1. You sign up for this course
  2. I’m going to mail you a box. In the box will be six individually wrapped booklets. I’ll include instructions that let you know which one to read first.
  3. After you let me know that you’ve completed the first booklet, and when you feel ready, you will visit a webpage I’ve created where you can answer some questions, a riddle, or a koan. Afterward, I’ll start sending you a couple of short audio recordings each week that will reinforce what was in the transmission.
  4. After you’ve listened to the recordings, you’re ready to move on to the next transmission in your box. I’ll send you an email letting you know which one is next.
  5. It will take you four to five months to go through all the booklets and audio recordings. This is very intentional. If you rush through the material, you may disorient yourself to the point of not being able to embody the transmissions.

How Much This Costs

I want to make this easy for you. I’ll send you all the transmissions, plus 48 short audio recordings, for $220 – and I’ll pay for domestic shipping.

This is the cost of one or two therapy sessions. However, I believe each Transformative Tale and the practice material are as valuable—or more valuable—than most therapy sessions. I don’t think therapy will get you to the place where you can take yourself with these tales. You may need both, but therapy only goes so far.

The Transformative Tales are sources of enormous leverage. You don’t have to repeatedly work through the same relationship issues, struggle to change your behaviors, or search to find your authentic voice. These Transformative Tales—if you embody them—alter how you relate to yourself and others and how you see the world. Many of the things that you were chasing, or being chased by, will no longer matter. Anxiety transforms into a different kind of energy. Despair dissipates. Loneliness recedes as you discover new ways of relating with people and connecting with something greater than yourself.

If you commit to investing a little time and a lot of attention to the transmissions, you can free yourself of self-imposed limitations and celebrate your life every day.

If you feel intrigued, excited, and ready—I invite you to begin . . .


Includes free shipping of the Transformative Tales booklets, an additional gift, and 48 online audio recordings. To order this course outside of the USA, please contact us.
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