After the Honeymoon

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Maintaining a loving relationship is an exciting new category for us to explore. In our recent retreats we’ve had more young people participating and we realize the remarkable opportunity that they have by learning these skills early in life.

Learning how to communicate in a healthy way is one of the primary reasons that a marriage will last.

But . . . no one teaches us how to talk to each other and often we don’t have good role models for what this might look like. If we learn how to have healthy adult/adult conversations, we’ll avoid a great deal of the hardship and hurt feelings that so many couples endure.

Blending two separates lives into one can be challenging

Not only is communication important, but there are other things as well.

Like not letting resentment build up. And the best tool we know of to avoid resentment is the Redo.

Deciding which is more important to you: connecting with your partner, or being right.

Appreciating your differences without feeling threatened by them.

Knowing how to deal with jealousy.

Being free to work on your own personal growth—which requires you to give each other space.

A Live Conscious Retreat helps you start off on the right foot.

While attending a one of our retreats you can learn to use Perception Language, an entirely new way to talk to one another. This communication tool is a constant reminder that we each have our own unique way of seeing things, we don’t necessarily have to agree, no one is right or wrong. This helps us remain curious about how our partner sees the world and helps us develop and keep a sense of humor in our relating.

We believe it is realistic to create a marriage that is easy from the get-go. And remains relatively easy. The topics above, and more, will be something to look forward to and we hope to see you at a Live Conscious Retreat soon.  Perhaps put this on your wedding gift wish list! What better gift could you get to ensuring a lasting union? How about spending your honeymoon at a Live Conscious Retreat?

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