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New-Beginnings-505x466I resist any practice or religion saying that their way is the “only way”. Too much harm has been done historically because of religion, trying to make others wrong.

There are so many paths, almost as many as there are people really, since we each have our own individual interpretation of whatever path we take. My path will be unique even if it looks similar to one someone else is on. Really if I am in the Live Conscious orientation, where we believe the “only truth” is that we each make meaning in our own way, such a statement as “the only way” does not even make sense.

I have never thought that Live Conscious was the “only way” – but I do think it is the best way for me for me to get the following – if I really do the work:

1) A radically different perspective of seeing and understanding and communicating that the only world I can “know” is the one that I perceive.

2) A relatively quick path toward individuation/differentiation, or at least an acceleration, and a mapping out of the process, which results in honoring myself and no longer judging myself with others. Thus reducing my anxiety and my over concern about what others think of me.

3) A fairly quick path (if I really step in) to revealing/owning/accepting those aspects of myself that I may keep hidden in the basement … to revealing my inner truth, accepting myself, and being witnessed by others, so these hidden aspects of myself are no longer covertly running my life.

4) A clear understanding as to what healthy relating looks like and a way to speak that helps me create a sustainable loving relationship (and friendships) and remind me that I am always making up meaning and so is my partner.

I do wonder what other practice does ALL that? I perceive this as very unique.

I believe, if I really take this practice to heart, Live Conscious is not the only path but it is the only way “I” know of to get all of the above.

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