How To Find Happiness and Love

Guest Blogger Paula Green writes about how to find happiness and love.

When we put pressure on a water saturated sponge we know what will come out. Water.

What comes out of me when I am under pressure? Guilt, frustration, anger, self victimization.

That is what came out last year.

This year when I am under pressure what tends to come out of me is confusion, self love, gentleness, and empathy.

Next year, what intention am I setting for what will come out of me when I am under pressure? Kindness, compassion, love, gentleness, and ease.

I have some of these actions and attitudes coming out now when I am under pressure, but not consistently enough for me to be satisfied with where I’m at.  I want more for myself, and I want to more constructively influence others.  I want my confusion to be replaced by kindness, my empathy to shift to compassion, and my self love to grow into more love for me and others.  And, I want to add ease to my life.

How did I make these changes and how much did it cost?

  • The cost: Spread over a year, for the cost of $2.75 per day, I was able to bring a level of constant joy and peace to my life that I had not achieved in 8 years of traditional self help programs and therapy.
  • The how: I attended two Live Conscious Personal Growth Retreats in a 12 month period.

My ability to transform my life has been made possible by adopting a new philosophy and a daily practice of conscious living. A philosophy and a practice I learned at the Live Conscious workshops.

This year I have transformed my relationship with my children…..I have released guilt and it has made room for a deepened, trusting, and compassionate adult relationship with my children. I am no longer enabling my adult children as a result of my guilt for the ‘mistakes’ I made raising them.

This year I am attracting a different type of man as potential dating partners…..I am having dating experiences that center on kindness and mutual respect. I no longer have any room for a narcissist in my life. The men I perceive as narcissists are almost not even noticing me anymore!

This year I am reevaluating my career and unraveling what it is I really want to do for the second half of my working life. I am setting an intention and consciously choosing my path. I am no longer on auto pilot, allowing my career to guide me….I am guiding my career toward my intentional life.

This year I am setting an intention to someday have a healthy, long term committed relationship. I need to be the type of person I want to be in relationship with so that I can attract that type of person. I need to have health in mind, body, spirit, and finances because that is what I want my future partner to have. It will require more personal growth on my part. I have no doubt in my ability to achieve this level of growth because of my commitment to this new found philosophy and practice for conscious living.

I look forward with excitement to the ongoing growth I will gain in the coming year as a result of my commitment to two more Live Conscious Retreats. I am eternally grateful to Jake and Hannah Eagle for sharing their philosophy and practices with those willing to invest in themselves, and the world.

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