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What if we didn’t try so hard to be someone other than who we are?

Ingrid Matthieu writes in Psychology Today that many of her clients believe that if they were “thin, pretty, enlightened, funny, smart, had a boyfriend/girlfriend, were richer, less anxious, less fearful, less of themselves, then they would be happy: forever.”

She continues saying that she is coming to the conclusion that her  “highest ambition is to be what I already am. That I will never fulfill my obligation to surpass myself unless I first accept myself… I want to love all of my mistakes, all of my blemishes, and all of my fears.”

What she really longs for is integrity (integration and wholeness) and self acceptance.  Such is the stuff that Live Conscious Retreats are made of. In these retreats, we encourage you to discover, become aware of, and accept whatever you find in yourself.  Integrate, becoming more of who you already are, and then begin to act on what additions or changes you want to make, where you would like to grow, and what more you want in your life.

Once you embrace more of yourself, you will begin to lighten up, find your sense of humor, your humanness, your love of yourself and others.

When in a Live Conscious Retreat with a community of people who are there for the same reason, all working to become more fully integrated, you will realize how normal you are, you will no longer need to stuff your stuff….but can celebrate your more-ness….celebrate your completely unique irreplaceable version of you.

No matter who you are, what your life is like, or who you wish you were, you can learn to appreciate who you already are in a new way. You will become freer to be yourself and thus freer to decide how you want to develop and grow from here. Come unfold yourself, learn to love all your mistakes, blemishes and fears. Start the process of becoming whole, celebrating your uniqueness and become happier: forever.

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