How To Fall Back In Love

On eHow’s ‘tips from people like you’, Terri R writes an interesting article giving 6 useful instructions to consider in order for couples to fall back in love. Great stuff, but much of what is suggested can be easier said than done. I believe the most likely way to successfully fall back in love, is to attend a Live Conscious Retreat that is designed for this purpose.

Imagine taking time for your relationship to attend a 4 to 8 day retreat that would enable you to:

  • take an honest look at your own feelings
  • discuss your marriage with your spouse
  • learn to be honest in a kind way without any reactivity
  • let go of the past so you can focus on the future
  • build on the positive aspects of your relationship
  • learn to communicate in a way that eliminates blame and helps you to really listen to each other and learn to appreciate your differences, all which allows for greater intimacy and for you to bring back the love you used to feel.

Attending a 4 to 8 day Live Conscious training to “fall back in love” gives you a safe environment to explore those instructions Terri suggests and give you an enormous jump start on this process. Since it is a practice, you will need to follow through with what you learn, but you will leave the retreat with tools you otherwise would not have had and a supportive online community to help you keep this new way of relating alive.

Thanks Terri for your insight. I see your 6 instructions as the road map and a Live Conscious Retreat (only two trainings offered each year and limited to 20 people) as the richest territory in which to experience these ways of being together and falling back in love.



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