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“Expressing Mindful Love Through Service”, a recent article in The Huffington Post, by Ronald Alexander PhD, reminds us that with our conscious service to others, we can improve the quality of our own lives and our relationships. On this upcoming Valentine’s Day and the ‘Week of Random Acts of Kindness’, he shares that by expressing mindfulness and love through service, we grow, transform and heal ourselves.

“Service . . . is essential for one’s transformation, personal growth . .  . When we take time to give, to contribute, to listen, to love, to heal, to teach, to be compassionate in daily action for all life, we are expressing mindful love through Seva (service). As we take time each and every day to become more mindful of our thoughts, words, actions and deeds, we begin to take a breath . . . This allows us to slow down, wait, listen and not react by staying in the present in order to improve the quality of our loving relationships. Through mindfulness, we have a most unique power and ability to begin to reshape and restructure the quality of our actions.”

How we express ourselves consciously is the focus of Live Conscious. Becoming more mindful of how we use words and being conscious of our actions is the heart of the practice of Live Conscious and the use of Perception Language. In this practice, we become acutely aware of the emotional footprint we are leaving behind with all of our interactions with others. We learn to restructure how we use words, which slows us down, helps us to be in the present moment, allows us to take responsibility for our own perceptions of what is going on, teaches us how to respond rather than to react, and eliminates blame toward ourselves and others.  In Live Conscious we learn to love ourselves more so we have more love to give.

I am grateful to Dr. Alexander for his reminder, that by extending compassion and mindful love through service, our own lives become sweeter because we feel better about ourselves.

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