Sensing Ourselves at Maya Tulum

MG_5264-505x336On the seventh morning, of our Maya Tulum retreat we greet ourselves with a most remarkable sunrise…
as Mayan zen-like monks rake the powder-fine white sand beach…seemingly
just raking as they rake. The turquoise water is the clearest and
gentlest since we have been here. A sunrise swim has been the order of
everyday here…and I relish my warmish, silky smooth swims.

The day we arrived I began collecting big nuts on the beach as they rolled
in from somewhere. Our last sensing experiment was focused on these
nuts…metaphorically I played with the nuttiness in us all, we laughed when
“Unconscious” (as he named himself) added that we had, also, all “rolled in
from somewhere.”

The nuts, like ourselves at this lab, had scars and barnacles and outer
layers peeling away, exposing interesting and often beautiful parts inside.
We moved in slow motion passing these nuts from one to another. We watched
as they ebbed and flowed at our feet in the shallow top layer of the
tide…sometimes getting stuck, like ourselves, needing a nudge to get moving.

We conduct our labs in really lovely places, yet I experience Maya Tulum
as the loveliest yet. I saturate myself fully with all my moments here
in this paradise. I will temper the pang of leaving here knowing that we will return next year for another Live Conscious Retreat in a similar stunning setting.

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