I Have A Dream

We ran a contest in which people could submit their poems that were written to celebrate Martin Luther King’s march on Washington. The following is the poem we selected, written by someone choosing to remain anonymous, but happy to accept the $500 credit to attend a Live Conscious Retreat.

I have a dream of a balanced world
I have a dream of a world where no child is hungry, no man without work, no woman without respect.
I have a dream of peaceful nations moving beyond their boundaries, in the pursuit of the common welfare of all mankind

I have a dream of supportive and peace driven governments
honest leaders and laws that honour every being

I have a dream of societies that value the experiences of every man,
where elders, healers, musicians and builders are revered
and artists and mothers and labourers are paid fairly and teachers
earn more than athletes and movie stars

I have a dream of abundant fields of rich crops,
clear running water, solar and wind power
and healthy seas

I have a dream of a world where what unites us is more important than our differences
where equality and freedom,
love and generosity, brotherhood and sisterhood are sacred

I have a dream of a world where no child is beaten
no woman is raped
and no man is forced to kill his brother

I have a dream where the love of each other is greater than the love of currency
where a gentle night’s sleep is sacrosanct and a quiet morning is blessed

I have a dream of a world where peace reigns and justice sees clearly
where the sick are cared for, the lonely loved, and the unhappy witnessed
I have a dream that each man may walk freely where he chooses and
respect is the law of the land

I have a dream of a world where prisons are empty
where rehabilitation means inclusion and healing
where disability is visible
and those who struggle the most receive the most help
where poverty is a word and not a way of life

I have a dream that we honour the divine in each other and we recognized God in each other’s faces
I have a dream where we delight in our unity and honour our Mother Earth and all her blessings
I have a dream where loudly we may proclaim to the heavens
and sing out in our great voices:

Free at last, free at last,
Praise God Almighty, Free At Last.

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