Spiritual Breakthrough and Awakening

Spiritual breakthrough and awakening is readily available to us through the use of Live Conscious.

Many people interested in personal growth and development seek to experience spiritual breakthrough—or awakening—the ultimate reward of personal evolution. Deeply immersing ourselves in the practice of Live Conscious can lead to spiritual awakening, which is a subjective experience, often described as an encounter or union with the divine.

We tend to attribute positive qualities to the “divine,” such as goodness, beauty, and beneficence. Although each of us may experience these qualities in some measure, a spiritual breakthrough provides immersion in these qualities with an absence of their opposites. The duality of good and bad evaporates. Instead, we experience the following:

Detachment. We detach from our ordinary, mundane concerns. My mentor, John Weir, said that on his 65th birthday he stopped using the word “important.” This was an example of a person becoming detached from ordinary concerns, realizing that many things that had previously occupied his attention were of no real import.

Liberation. We liberate ourselves from self-imposed constraints, such as prejudice, judgment, fear, and striving. As a result, we no longer feel the need to defend ourselves, or define ourselves as separate; instead, we experience a sense of union.

Knowing. We know what is. Being present—no longer speculating, anticipating, comparing—we experience certainty, which is typically elusive.

Bliss. This is the result of the above— letting go of our ordinary worries, liberating ourselves instead of inhibiting ourselves, and being fully present.

Spiritual awakenings are transient experiences for the vast majority of people who have such experiences. That’s what makes them “awakenings.” We wake up from our slumber of unconsciousness, our habitual routines, our tolerance of behaviors that are less than beautiful and beneficent.

The principles of Live Conscious, along with the practice of Perception Language, ultimately lead to spiritual breakthroughs. The principles help create spiritual breakthroughs because they guide us to make the most of ourselves—to experience the beauty and beneficence within ourselves. The practice of Perception Language helps create spiritual awakenings because it is a present tense language, and because it eliminates the duality of good and bad, leading to our liberation.

Written by Jake Eagle

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