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Two Bald Eagles fly near a mountain cliff by the seashore.

How Eagles Mate

  “Eagles are believed to mate for life, although biologists have observed that they stay mated only as long as they are a successful reproductive pair. Biologists think that the reproductive process between eagles is such a difficult process that many do not survive it more than one time. Mating, carried out in flight, involves […]

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

I only realized it was Valentine’s Day when I turned on the television to watch the winter Olympics. I immediately turned to Hannah and said “Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you.” She replied in kind. She seemed equally surprised to discover it was Valentine’s Day, which was a relief to me because I imagined she […]

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A tree in shape of a heart on a grassy hill

Marriage can be easy

  I’m starting this first blog entry very close to the 27th anniversary of my first marriage—which lasted seven years. Although my first wife and I were good friends and we loved each other, we didn’t know how to be healthy and happy as a married couple. One purpose of this blog is to offer […]

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