How Eagles Mate


“Eagles are believed to mate for life, although biologists have observed that they stay mated only as long as they are a successful reproductive pair. Biologists think that the reproductive process between eagles is such a difficult process that many do not survive it more than one time. Mating, carried out in flight, involves several dramatic maneuvers. One of the pair turns upside down and grasps claws with the other bird. Both fold wings and the mating occurs in free-fall as the pair drops toward the earth.”–From “Dynamic Provings” by Jeremy Sherr (Israeli Homeopath currently creating clinics in Africa for the treatment of AIDS)

The Homeopathic proving of eagle reveals that the sensation of speed is euphoric for eagles.

I conjure up two metaphors related to eagle mating and human relating:

Falling for someone who, on some level, we may know is not right for us, but the euphoria we feel, or even the primal need to mate, is experienced as a stronger motivating force than taking care to make a more rational choice. So, we speed through the process of getting to know each other, ignore all warning signs, grasp hands, fold our wings, and free fall toward . . .


With eyes wide open, clear about what we are looking for, we carefully find someone who is an appropriate match, connect, make a full commitment, and whole-heartedly, sometimes euphorically, go the distance.

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