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How To Individuate | Step One

This blog post explores how to individuate. In an earlier blog post I wrote more broadly about the Individuation Process. I wrote about the need to individuate if we ever want to become our own person and live a life of our own choosing. I wrote about how individuating can begin in our teens and […]

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Individuation Process

Autonomy and Intimacy To fulfill our greatest potential requires us to differentiate so that we can experience autonomy from others and intimacy with others. One key step to accomplish this is that we must individuate. The individuation process most commonly occurs when an adult child individuates from their parents, but it also occurs between romantic […]

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How We Become Whole

I’d like to acknowledge my gratitude toward John and Joyce Weir, our mentors and founders of Percept language, which we now refer to as Perception Language. John passed away in 2006. A few days ago, I was considering what it was exactly, that made John so remarkably different from any of the other teachers in […]

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