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What is Great Therapy?

  Have you been or are you currently in therapy? Did you get or are you getting what you want out of therapy? What makes for great therapy? I’ll share my perspective, which I’ve come to after twenty years in private practice. To get the most out of therapy, clients need to make progress in […]

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Remember September 11. New York City Manhattan panorama view at night with office building skyscrapers skyline illuminated over Hudson River and two light beam

September 11th Anniversary

Today is the 9/11 anniversary of the attack on America. Did we change ourselves as a result of the attack? We came together for a short while, unified and compassionate—but did it last? Did we use the attack to become better? Nietsche said, “Anything that does not kill me will make me stronger.” Are we […]

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Am I Depressed?

Am I depressed? Many of us struggle with depression. I used to. But in recent years I’ve learned to hear depression as a shout from within myself saying, “pay attention to me!” Depression is not necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn’t have to be endured. If you listen and act appropriately, you can use […]

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In Search of the Authentic Life | Psychology Today

If you’re in search of the authentic life, it’s worth reading Bob Edelstein’s article in Psychology Today. He writes about his transformation in the early 70’s after reading Carl Rogers’ “Freedom to Learn”. Rogers advocated for an “inner-directed way of being”– authoring your life rather than living your life by old rules and beliefs given […]

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Good Morning

The subject line for this blog post is Good Morning… Mostly we say it in a perfunctory way, but I suggest that it really is (or can be) quite powerful. Is Good Morning a hopeful wish we make for ourselves and others that they (and we) actually have a “good morning”? Or is it potentially […]

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Words from C.G. Jung’s Red Book

The following words are from C.G. Jung’s newly released Red Book, which consists of his personal writings from 1914-1930. These words have never before been available to be read, pondered and appreciated. For me, they are a beautiful expression of our journey to reclaim all aspects of ourselves: “My soul, where are you? Do you […]

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