September 11th Anniversary


Today is the 9/11 anniversary of the attack on America. Did we change ourselves as a result of the attack? We came together for a short while, unified and compassionate—but did it last? Did we use the attack to become better? Nietsche said, “Anything that does not kill me will make me stronger.” Are we stronger as people, as a nation?

Live Conscious seeks to contribute to creating a better nation by helping people grow and create healthier relationships. Through this process, people shift themselves from living primarily in an egocentric orientation to a world-centric orientation. After 9/11 we shifted from an egocentric (me) orientation to an ethno-centric (my tribe) orientation. We came together as Americans and we felt support from many other nations. But we didn’t take the next step.

Becoming World-Centric instead of Ego or Ethno-Centric

The next step is a world-centric (all of us) orientation. With this orientation all voices are heard, differences are respected and compromises are reached. Not only did we fail to take this step after 9/11, but within our own country we have slid backwards into partisan divisions, each side attached to its own ethno-centric agenda.

Maybe we can use this tenth 9/11 anniversary to become stronger, not just as individuals, but also as a diverse group of people working together to create a better and more just world.

If this interests you, we suggest you take the time to learn about Live Conscious, in particular, Perception Language. It is a new way of using language that eliminates the model of victims and perpetrators. It is a way of using language that takes us beyond the limiting, dualistic filters of right and wrong, good and bad. It is a way of using language that empowers people so that they have a more effective means of expressing themselves, hopefully reducing the likelihood that they will resort to violence, which is the language people use when they don’t feel heard.


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