I want to join the Microdosing Mindfulness pilot project

  • This pilot project will last for two weeks. In the beginning, you will be asked to complete a short self-assessment. You will be invited to join a one-hour video conference in which you learn how to Microdose Mindfulness.
    During the pilot, you will write one email per day for the purpose of sharing some of your microdose experiences. The emails will be shared with the other participants in hopes of stimulating examples of microdosing.
    After the first week, there will be a second video conference.
    The course will conclude with one final video conference. At the end of the course, you will be expected to complete another short self-assessment.
    The video conferences sessions will most likely be a weeknight at 5 pm Pacific time.
    Are you 100% comfortable committing to the requirements of the course?
  • If someone referred you to this course, please let me know who that was. If not, how did you find out about this course?

If you're considering attending one of our retreats, click the link below to fill out the Personal Information Form. After we review it we'll get back to you with any additional questions or comments we may have.

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