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“The Truth” Is Just A Story

Do you really need to know “the truth”? What if we realized that the stories we tell ourselves are just stories? They are made up. We assign meaning to everything, and then we act as if the meaning we make up is “the truth.” If you let go of your stories and beliefs would you […]

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A Mother’s Unconditional Love

A dear client of mine recently had to say goodbye to her mother who passed away three months after being diagnosed with cancer. My client fully participated in her mother’s dying process. Much healing occurred as the daughter accompanied her mother down the last part of the river of life’s journey, to the final waterfall, […]

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Why Do I Hold Myself Back?

I recently received an email from a client asking, “Why do I hold myself back?” Her precise words were, “I continue to feel myself holding back a small part of me … not wanting to fully engage myself. I recognize that I do this in several areas of my life. I protect myself in this […]

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Morning Yoga Meditation by the Beach

The Social Animal by David Brooks validates Live Conscious

  The Social Animal by David Brooks, NY Times columnist, intelligently explains and demonstrates what it means to be human. He helps us understand that our unconscious mind—more than our conscious mind—influences our emotions, decision making, perceptions and broadly speaking, the ways in which we make meaning. Brooks reassigns greater value—and appreciation—to our unconscious mind […]

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WASHINGTON D.C., USA - Sep 18, 2014: United States President Barack Obama during an official meeting with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Washington, DC (USA)

How To Deal With Loss

Less than a week ago there was a tragedy in Arizona, six people were killed and eighteen wounded, when a lone gunman violently expressed himself. In response to the tragedy, President Obama delivered a memorial speech in Arizona, a speech, which I believe addresses our existential fears of death and loss of loved ones. He […]

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