Life After Death: The Great Mystery / Wake Up!

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Nicholas Kardaras in Psychology Today asks the existential question: “What happens to us after we die?…Do we fade into the nothingness of nonexistence or do we wake as a newly born crying infant in a karmic cycle of reincarnation? Or maybe there’s that white light that we hear so much about … with…the warm smiles of long dead relatives?”

Kardaras reminds us that we are the only species that asks this question. We are, after all the homo sapien sapien, the twice knowing human, the only ones who are aware that we are aware, and the only species that worries and sometimes even terrorizes itself with the fear that there is nothing more beyond this life.

Kardaras also speculates that there IS some kind of consciousness after death, if one is to believe the research that has been taking place at Universities over the last 40 years.

I would love to know that I will continue in some way after my death, perhaps meet again with those I love that have passed on before me and even reunite with my beloved pets whose lives always, from my perspective, end too quickly.

Yet, I do not disturb myself, if the promise of an after-life turns out to be only a homo sapien sapien dream. Instead, I will utilize this ‘unknown’ to punctuate what I do know… that everything is in motion, everything is changing, and my life as I experience it now certainly will come to an end.  So, I will do my best to be as present and aware and as appreciative of each moment as I can – so to feel satiated when my time is up.  While I will make an effort to live my life as consciously as possible, I will continue to wake myself up again and again, without judgment, each time I find I have slipped, habitually, back into autopilot.

I will also utilize the tools of Live Conscious to wake myself up to what is happening right now. I re-awaken myself each time I express myself using Perception Language. As I speak, I can re-connect with and appreciate my aliveness and the experience I am now creating – so to make the most of what time I have left.

Regardless of how each of us answers the’ life after death’ question for ourselves, we can truly enhance our lives, even our religions, by immersing ourselves in the practice of Perception Language, which helps us wake up and smell the roses while they are still blooming.


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