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What is this online course?

This course is offered just about every four weeks. We limit the classes to ten people. The journey begins with a 21-day online experience including:

  • Unique meditations
  • One “life-changing” key concept presented each week
  • A “buddy” relationship
  • A daily email

A majority of past participants describe this course as “life-changing.” There are many reasons for that, but I believe the “buddy” relationship is a key part of this experience. Each group member pairs up with another group member—a “buddy.” This creates a unique relationship with clear boundaries, a specific focus, and a practice partner. You and your practice partner work with the “life-changing” concept presented each week. This allows you to work with the concepts, not merely read about them or hear someone talk about them. At the end of the 21-days, some of the new skills and perspectives are seeping into your being—and if you choose to continue your journey, you have a strong foundation to work with. Also, we are providing ongoing support in the form of monthly online reunions.

If you want to learn more about the general purpose of the course, it’s best to read one or more of the following articles:

Thrilled To Be Alive

The Experiment of a Lifetime

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  • This course is limited to ten people. Each person is paired up with a "buddy." So if any person chooses not to show up, it messes up the experience for their buddy. That's why I ask people to make a 100% commitment if they are going to join this 21-day course. The commitment includes a weekly Zoom video conference and a brief daily email with your buddy. Can you do that?
  • If someone referred you to this course, please let me know who that was. If not, how did you find out about this course?