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This is a 22-day online/offline course.

  • 80% of the people who’ve been through it say, “It was a life-changing experience.”
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I’ve been a therapist for 25-years. This course is different than anything I’ve come across. Most therapy is done at a certain level of consciousness—I call that “safety consciousness.” The work at that level is valuable and helpful . . . but only takes us so far. And, working at that level can be exhausting.

This is entirely different.

Instead of focusing on troubled childhoods, past traumas, or lack of self-esteem, this course shows you how you can be thrilled to be alive, and free yourself from unnecessary suffering. During the course, you receive support from me, your buddy, and group members. After the course, there will be ongoing support in the form of monthly online reunions for those who are interested. The course includes:

  • Four video conference sessions.
  • Having a “buddy” for the entire course.
  • Daily emails with your buddy.
  • Short daily meditations.

You can join with a buddy of your own (however, not your romantic partner), or you will be able to select a partner during the first session.

If you want to learn more about the general purpose of the course, I recommend you read one or both of the following articles:

Thrilled To Be Alive

The Experiment of a Lifetime

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If you want to hear what some previous participants have to say:

Jake, thank you for this wonderful heart offering. When I began this course I was really struggling to accept my new role as a mother, feeling lost and disconnected, struggling in my relationship. Never in a million years did I imagine it was possible for me to be this “thrilled to be alive”. And yet here I am just a few weeks later with so much more space and energy to give to my son and partner. I feel like I’ve finally let go of the need to “achieve” and “reach goals” and I can now settle into the heart-based rhythm of family life.

This is a 22-day online and offline course that can change your life. It will get you focused on all that you can appreciate rather than what’s not perfect in your life, and celebrate the simple, beautiful fact that we are blessed with this life. The course will get you off of autopilot, help you become more aware of where your consciousness resides most of the time, which is in safety mode. Once aware of that, you can make the choice to open up to a new heart-based level of consciousness where there’s a choice in how you perceive the “problems” you face in life. Our level of consciousness can change problems into adventures.

This course radically shifted my perspective. I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat self-aware, but this lifts that awareness even more than I thought possible. It’s amazing how much choice we have in our lives to exist and allow others to exist… this course kind of just melts the importance of any “problems” we have away to nothingness. Do it!

Would you like to expand your heart and truly Love your life? Try this “Thrilled to be Alive” inspiring, interactive, online group for 22 days. I believe you will amaze yourself with your capacity for ease, grace and satisfaction with life!

Jake’s course took me to another level, one that I hadn’t known was available to me. It helped me shift from a life focused on problems – which I was very good at navigating after years of skill-building- to experiencing more joy in my life. I’m really grateful!