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Dating ∞ Relating ∞ Mating

Put Love Back Into Your Love Life

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This is a preview to our 3-hour online video course. The course will walk you through each stage of Dating ∞ Relating ∞ Mating. The purpose is to help single people learn how to find the right partner, and help couples learn the skills and practices necessary to create a great romantic partnership.

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Learn a fundamentally different way of creating and sustaining your romantic partnership

Romantic relationships can be easy! No more bickering, power struggles, defensiveness, or confusion about whether you’re with the right partner. If you learn and follow the Dating ∞ Relating ∞ Mating method, choose the right partner, practice the appropriate skills, and are open minded about this new approach—you can create an easy, loving partnership.


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The Dating stage only lasts about 2-3 months. It should be fun, easy, and uncomplicated. If it isn’t, you’re probably jumping ahead too fast, or you may be with the wrong person. During this stage:

  • Make sure you have great chemistry
  • Be intolerant of things that are unacceptable to you
  • Don’t jump ahead and start Relating (working on issues)


The Relating stage usually lasts about 2 years before you decide whether to become life partners. This is the stage in which you work out your differences and build a foundation for creating an easy, loving partnership. During this stage:

  • Determine if your styles, values, and dreams are compatible
  • Make 5 basic agreements that will replace almost all of your arguments
  • Learn to ask for what you want instead of complaining about what you didn’t get


The Mating stage—making a long-term commitment—hopefully lasts forever, and is about deepening your intimacy and celebrating your love. During this stage:

  • Learn how to witness one another instead of trying to fix or control
  • Learn to turn toward one another instead of away from one another—even in the hard times
  • Learn a new way to communicate that eliminates blaming, attacking, and abandoning
  • Learn to maturely express your deepest emotions without fear of being judged

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