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Ecology of the Heart | Huffington Post

How does Live Conscious relate to the ecology of the heart? There was an article in Huffington Post this week written by Radhanath Swami, relating spiritual awareness to ecology called, “The Bhakti Way of Investing in the Ecology of the Heart”. The Swami had been approached in a New Delhi airport by  the Union Minister for Environment […]

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September 11th Anniversary

Today is the 9/11 anniversary of the attack on America. Did we change ourselves as a result of the attack? We came together for a short while, unified and compassionate—but did it last? Did we use the attack to become better? Nietsche said, “Anything that does not kill me will make me stronger.” Are we […]

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How We Become Whole

Every day I acknowledge my gratitude toward John Weir, our mentor and founder of Percept language, which we now refer to as Perception Language. John passed away in 2006. A few days ago, I was considering what it was exactly, that made John so remarkably different from any of the other teachers in my life. […]

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How To Fall Back In Love

On eHow’s ‘tips from people like you’, Terri R writes an interesting article giving 6 useful instructions to consider in order for couples to fall back in love. Great stuff, but much of what is suggested can be easier said than done. I believe the most likely way to successfully fall back in love, is […]

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The American Nightmare: Psychology Today – Happiness

Lauren Sandler proposes the question in Psychology Today : “Why are we not happy even if we have everything the American Dream prescribed?” She cites surveys that are revealing that we, “have grown continuously more depressed over the last half-century.” Sandler quotes behavioral researchers who say that, “much of our discontent seems linked to the […]

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Therapy Retreats

Therapy retreats (good ones) may be more effective than weekly therapy sessions in bringing about personal growth and development. By participating in a high quality, week-long (or longer) therapy retreat, we’re able to access deeper levels of ourselves. We immerse ourselves in the work and we have spaciousness that our everyday lives rarely afford us. […]

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Have you ever taken notice of moments? The moments I am talking about are like photographic stills, or perhaps movie clips where my attention is fully focused and I feel extremely alive. I am suddenly fully awake and present. Shifting myself out of auto-pilot . . . I stop myself in my tracks. Ahh, Here […]

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