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Personal Narrative — Day 6 — Maya Tulum

  Since early on in this retreat the participants have been thinking and working on what we call a “personal narrative.” The idea behind your personal narrative is that you have a story—you may not be conscious of your story—but you have a story. Is your story—your narrative—healthy? Is your personal narrative one that makes […]

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How To Individuate | Step Two

This post explores how to individuate by taking the second step in the three step process. In an earlier post I wrote generally about the individuation process. I identified three stages: Declaring Separating Reconnecting I’ve written about declaring, and now I want to address the next step, separating. How To Individuate: Step Two To separate […]

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Individuation Process

Autonomy and Intimacy To fulfill our greatest potential requires us to differentiate so that we can experience autonomy from others and intimacy with others. One key step to accomplish this is that we must individuate. The individuation process most commonly occurs when an adult child individuates from their parents, but it also occurs between romantic […]

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Ecology of the Heart | Huffington Post

How does Live Conscious relate to the ecology of the heart? An article in Huffington Post this week written by Radhanath Swami, related spiritual awareness to ecology. It was called, “The Bhakti Way of Investing in the Ecology of the Heart”. The Swami had been approached in a New Delhi airport by  the Union Minister for Environment […]

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Am I Depressed?

Am I depressed? Many of us struggle with depression. I used to. But in recent years I’ve learned to hear depression as a shout from within myself saying, “pay attention to me!” Depression is not necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn’t have to be endured. If you listen and act appropriately, you can use […]

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Morning Yoga Meditation by the Beach

The Social Animal by David Brooks validates Live Conscious

  The Social Animal by David Brooks, NY Times columnist, intelligently explains and demonstrates what it means to be human. He helps us understand that our unconscious mind—more than our conscious mind—influences our emotions, decision making, perceptions and broadly speaking, the ways in which we make meaning. Brooks reassigns greater value—and appreciation—to our unconscious mind […]

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A New Gauge to See What’s Beyond Happiness, The NY Times

John Tierney explores why Martin Seligman, the author of  “Authentic Happiness,” now regrets that title. It appears that happiness is not the only criteria to living a good life. Now, Seligman sees “accomplishment” as another highly desirable criteria that contributes to well-being or flourishing, which is why he titled his new book, “Flourish.” The five […]

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