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Happy girl jumping high in the mountains

Is Rapid Self-Improvement Possible?

Here’s the question I’ve been pondering. Do we need to grow one step at a time, going through each developmental stage, building from the ground up—or—can we leapfrog? Leapfrog . . . you know how they talk about developing countries not needing to lay thousands of miles of telephone lines to build their communications infrastructure, […]

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How To Love

It can be easy I want to share with you part of a recent therapy session I conducted. The work I did is counter-intuitive in many ways. It connects to a previous article I wrote, Love or Fear. So much of therapy is based on minimizing people’s fears, and although at times this is necessary […]

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The Need To Be Right

“You have your way.I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”   ~Friedrich Nietzsche   Yesterday I drove my mother and father to the VA hospital in Albuquerque for a doctor’s appointment. I had never been to a VA hospital before. I guess […]

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The Secret Language Of Buddhism

     Here’s the first secret:   An ancient Pali language, the language that the Buddha spoke during his lifetime, was a “verbing” language.   This way of speaking was unique in that it allowed one to stay in process, not fixing oneself or clinging to a static or permanent state, but being in motion, continuously […]

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Goethe quote

Goethe Quotes —— I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make a life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument […]

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Meditation and Psychotherapy

We recently had a gathering of Live Conscious graduates join us at our home for a discussion about meditation and psychotherapy and how to live without resistance, which I refer to as living with “Fierce Grace.” This expression comes from a movie about the spiritual teacher Ram Dass. It’s worth watching. We cause ourselves suffering […]

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Why Do I Hold Myself Back?

I recently received an email from a client asking, “Why do I hold myself back?” Her precise words were, “I continue to feel myself holding back a small part of me … not wanting to fully engage myself. I recognize that I do this in several areas of my life. I protect myself in this […]

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Happy girl jumping high in the mountains

Spiritual Breakthrough and Awakening

Spiritual breakthrough and awakening is readily available to us through the use of Live Conscious. Many people interested in personal growth and development seek to experience spiritual breakthrough—or awakening—the ultimate reward of personal evolution. Deeply immersing ourselves in the practice of Live Conscious can lead to spiritual awakening, which is a subjective experience, often described […]

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