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What is Spirituality?

I think of Live Conscious not only as a psychological practice and a set of communications tools, but as a spiritual practice as well. I hear many people talk about spirituality—of course I live in Santa Fe… but, even elsewhere, I hear many references to spirituality. I discomfort myself when I hear someone categorizing other people […]

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What Are You Paying Attention To?

All day long we bring certain things—experiences—to life while ignoring other experiences. We do this mostly unconsciously, but we can do so consciously. The key is how we use our attention. I think of attention as our paint brush, life our canvas. Did anyone ever teach you the power of attention? Did anyone ever teach […]

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Marriage can be easy

  I’m starting this first blog entry very close to the 27th anniversary of my first marriage—which lasted seven years. Although my first wife and I were good friends and we loved each other, we didn’t know how to be healthy and happy as a married couple. One purpose of this blog is to offer […]

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