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What if you thought of the act of apologizing— not as admitting that you were wrong—but as a mature choice that you get to make to reconnect with someone you love.         Just to be clear—I do know people who are chronically apologetic—that’s not what I am talking about. I’m talking about […]

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How To Stop Obsessive Thoughts

Many people experience obsessive thoughts of one kind of another. Not only can we drive ourselves crazy with these thoughts, but when our negative obsessive thoughts are about another person, such thoughts are potentially harmful—and at the very least they are unkind. In this article I want to focus specifically on obsessive thoughts (negative ones) […]

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Embodied Awareness

How Aware Are You? In our retreats we teach a way to use language, Perception Language, which helps to ground us in the present moment. Using Perception Language minimizes our tendency to become reactive or defensive. But, for those times when we do become reactive—when our “train has left the station”—we have recently incorporated another […]

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Perception Language is a Mindfulness Practice

  Perception Language allows you to listen to other people without getting defensive, realize they are only talking about themselves, and stop making compassion-less judgments of others. Perception Language allows you to speak with authority and clarity about your own experiences, to be in the present moment, and to more easily reveal yourself so you […]

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Ecology of the Heart | Huffington Post

How does Live Conscious relate to the ecology of the heart? An article in Huffington Post this week written by Radhanath Swami, related spiritual awareness to ecology. It was called, “The Bhakti Way of Investing in the Ecology of the Heart”. The Swami had been approached in a New Delhi airport by  the Union Minister for Environment […]

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