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After the Honeymoon

After the Honeymoon

Maintaining a loving relationship is an exciting new category for us to explore. In our recent retreats we’ve had more young people participating and we realize the remarkable opportunity that they have by learning these skills early in life. Learning how to communicate in a healthy way is one of the primary reasons that a […]

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Being Kind

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” Dali Lama   A patient recently shared with me the difficulties he was having relating with his mother. There were parts of her—certain behaviors and attitudes of hers—that he was having difficulty accepting. He recognized that those qualities in her were not going to change. She […]

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How Smart Living is Easier Than Hard Work

There is a way of living that’s easier—smart living! It applies to our physical bodies, our emotional lives, our relationships and even the way we do our jobs. For many years I’ve struggled with a physical condition that prevents me from exerting myself or pushing myself too hard. If I do push too hard, I […]

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Happy Couples — Day 8 — Maya Tulum

We are at the end—the physical end—of this Live Conscious Retreat, in Maya Tulum. But I don’t think of this as an end, instead it is a beginning for the people who came together for the past eight days. As we learned to use a new set of communication tools and we lived together in […]

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Why Do I Hold Myself Back?

I recently received an email from a client asking, “Why do I hold myself back?” Her precise words were, “I continue to feel myself holding back a small part of me … not wanting to fully engage myself. I recognize that I do this in several areas of my life. I protect myself in this […]

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Why Do I Keep Choosing The Wrong Partner?

In my previous postings, “How to Find a Good Man” and “How to Find a Good Woman,” I emphasized that early in the dating stage you need to be rather intolerant. I’d like to say more about this. If you’re trying to find a good partner—male or female—one key is to apply your criteria before […]

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