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Sensing Ourselves at Maya Tulum

On the seventh morning, of our Maya Tulum retreat we greet ourselves with a most remarkable sunrise… as Mayan zen-like monks rake the powder-fine white sand beach…seemingly just raking as they rake. The turquoise water is the clearest and gentlest since we have been here. A sunrise swim has been the order of everyday here…and […]

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Good Morning

The subject line for this blog post is Good Morning… Mostly we say it in a perfunctory way, but I suggest that it really is (or can be) quite powerful. Is Good Morning a hopeful wish we make for ourselves and others that they (and we) actually have a “good morning”? Or is it potentially […]

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Child's play outside


  Have you ever taken notice of moments? The moments I am talking about are like photographic stills, or perhaps movie clips where my attention is fully focused and I feel extremely alive. I am suddenly fully awake and present. Shifting myself out of auto-pilot . . . I stop myself in my tracks. Ahh, […]

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What Are You Paying Attention To?

All day long we bring certain things—experiences—to life while ignoring other experiences. We do this mostly unconsciously, but we can do so consciously. The key is how we use our attention. I think of attention as our paint brush, life our canvas. Did anyone ever teach you the power of attention? Did anyone ever teach […]

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