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The Secret Language Of Buddhism

     Here’s the first secret:   An ancient Pali language, the language that the Buddha spoke during his lifetime, was a “verbing” language.   This way of speaking was unique in that it allowed one to stay in process, not fixing oneself or clinging to a static or permanent state, but being in motion, continuously […]

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Sensory Awareness Leads to Mindfulness

Do you want to live your life with more mindfulness? Do you want to stop rushing toward the end of your life? In a Live Conscious Retreat we begin each day with a form of mindfulness meditation called Sensory Awareness. In this practice we use our senses to slow ourselves down and get more deeply […]

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Personal Narrative — Day 6 — Maya Tulum

  Since early on in this retreat the participants have been thinking and working on what we call a “personal narrative.” The idea behind your personal narrative is that you have a story—you may not be conscious of your story—but you have a story. Is your story—your narrative—healthy? Is your personal narrative one that makes […]

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Meditation and Psychotherapy

We recently had a gathering of Live Conscious graduates join us at our home for a discussion about meditation and psychotherapy and how to live without resistance, which I refer to as living with “Fierce Grace.” This expression comes from a movie about the spiritual teacher Ram Dass. It’s worth watching. We cause ourselves suffering […]

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Sensing Ourselves at Maya Tulum

On the seventh morning, of our Maya Tulum retreat we greet ourselves with a most remarkable sunrise… as Mayan zen-like monks rake the powder-fine white sand beach…seemingly just raking as they rake. The turquoise water is the clearest and gentlest since we have been here. A sunrise swim has been the order of everyday here…and […]

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Good Morning

The subject line for this blog post is Good Morning… Mostly we say it in a perfunctory way, but I suggest that it really is (or can be) quite powerful. Is Good Morning a hopeful wish we make for ourselves and others that they (and we) actually have a “good morning”? Or is it potentially […]

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