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Happier World

 Can You Redo Yourself? This morning while driving our grandson to school, his mother called him on his iPhone. (I don’t think 12-year-olds should have iPhones, but his father bought it for him and his parents are divorced—and well—you can imagine the rest.) At least he uses the speaker phone so not to expose his […]

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Be Intolerant

We are proposing that there are two primary things you need to do to simplify your life so that you can be happy. Last week’s article was written by Hannah, who suggested that kindness is the key. This week I want to share with you the other side of the coin—my side—which says you also […]

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How to Individuate | Step Three

The final stage in the process of individuation is reconnecting with the person you individuated from and interacting with them without losing yourself. This is not always possible. But you won’t know until you go through the stages of declaring and separating, which I previously wrote about. This final stage involves making new agreements, but […]

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How To Individuate | Step Two

This post explores how to individuate by taking the second step in the three step process. In an earlier post I wrote generally about the individuation process. I identified three stages: Declaring Separating Reconnecting I’ve written about declaring, and now I want to address the next step, separating. How To Individuate: Step Two To separate […]

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How To Individuate | Step One

This blog post explores how to individuate. In an earlier blog post I wrote more broadly about the Individuation Process. I wrote about the need to individuate if we ever want to become our own person and live a life of our own choosing. I wrote about how individuating can begin in our teens and […]

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Ecology of the Heart | Huffington Post

How does Live Conscious relate to the ecology of the heart? An article in Huffington Post this week written by Radhanath Swami, related spiritual awareness to ecology. It was called, “The Bhakti Way of Investing in the Ecology of the Heart”. The Swami had been approached in a New Delhi airport by  the Union Minister for Environment […]

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WASHINGTON D.C., USA - Sep 18, 2014: United States President Barack Obama during an official meeting with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Washington, DC (USA)

How To Deal With Loss

Less than a week ago there was a tragedy in Arizona, six people were killed and eighteen wounded, when a lone gunman violently expressed himself. In response to the tragedy, President Obama delivered a memorial speech in Arizona, a speech, which I believe addresses our existential fears of death and loss of loved ones. He […]

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