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In Search of the Authentic Life | Psychology Today

If you’re in search of the authentic life, it’s worth reading Bob Edelstein’s article in Psychology Today. He writes about his transformation in the early 70’s after reading Carl Rogers’ “Freedom to Learn”. Rogers advocated for an “inner-directed way of being”– authoring your life rather than living your life by old rules and beliefs given […]

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The Social Animal by David Brooks validates Live Conscious

  The Social Animal by David Brooks, NY Times columnist, intelligently explains and demonstrates what it means to be human. He helps us understand that our unconscious mind—more than our conscious mind—influences our emotions, decision making, perceptions and broadly speaking, the ways in which we make meaning. Brooks reassigns greater value—and appreciation—to our unconscious mind […]

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Understanding Why We Change: Huffington Post

Understanding Why We Change is a recent Huffington Post article authored by Marilyn Mandala Schlitz and Tina Amorok. The authors reference a decade of research on this subject performed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. They state that a change in beliefs, motivation and behaviors boils down to a shift in our worldview. Although the […]

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The American Nightmare: Psychology Today – Happiness

Lauren Sandler proposes the question in Psychology Today : “Why are we not happy even if we have everything the American Dream prescribed?” She cites surveys that are revealing that we, “have grown continuously more depressed over the last half-century.” Sandler quotes behavioral researchers who say that, “much of our discontent seems linked to the […]

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Changing Core Beliefs

I’ll tell you a secret about therapists. From time to time we wonder if people, even ourselves, can truly change our core beliefs. We witness a 54-year-old woman pick the same “wrong guy” she has picked five times before. She’s smart, conscious, been in therapy for years—does she not learn? We witness a 42-year-old man […]

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