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Yoga-pavilionWe are delighted to hold our next Warm Water Winter Retreat at Haramara, in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico.  Haramara offers a breathtakingly beautiful private beach, gorgeous bungalows in the middle of an emerald jungle overlooking the ocean and incredibly fresh gourmet food.

1 review for Deposit to reserve space for Reology Retreat at Haramara in Mexico

  1. Callum Bell

    The staggering Aha! moment in a Reology lab comes with the realization that I am actually the source of all of the negative feelings (and positive too) I attribute to the words and actions of others. The result is a profound reorientation in which I cease to be a victim and start experiencing the freedom of my selfhood, liberated from the fear of judgement and the need for approval. A Reology lab offers a very special environment where, in an emotional safe zone, you can practice looking at yourself and the people around you in a new way that removes the nearly universal framework of praise and blame in which we normally live. The lab consists of lectures, sensory awareness exercises, music, movement, dreamwork, and a series of experiences that encourage new ways of interacting, relating and being present, all the while practicing the language of Respeak. The result is a blend of experiences ranging from the playful to the profound. My experience of Reology is that it is life-changing, especially in the context of an intimate relationship. In a few days I extracted myself from a deep rut, experienced seeing my partner with wonderfully fresh eyes, and best of all, shed my armor and rediscovered the ability to love more deeply. My impression of my lab mates is that virtually everyone experienced something profound. The theme in common is powerful self acceptance and the reawakening of the ability to relate deeply and fearlessly. One afternoon at the lab, walking barefoot after a storm, just having eaten a healthy meal, heading to the circle to experience another session with my new circle of warriors, I thought why can’t life always be this perfect? And then I realized, it can.

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