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We are delighted to hold our next Warm Water Winter Retreat at Playa Viva in Mexico. Playa Viva is an environmentally-conscious resort designed to provide an environment that will broaden your perspective, open your heart and remind you of the interconnection between all living things. Playa Viva is committed to preserving the cultures, traditions, communities, species and habitats that make this planet worth exploring.

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2 reviews for Deposit to reserve space for Playa Viva Reology Retreat

  1. Erika

    This is a retreat in which 20 or so people commit to shifting their use of language in order to remove praise, blame and victimization—resulting in an experience in which I make it possible to take responsibility for my every experience and interaction. This shift in speaking and thinking creates unlimited space for choice. I not only take responsibility for myself, but also create a fluid sense-of-self, with which I can create more ease, curiosity and joy in my life.

  2. Dada

    First of all, I want to thank you both,
    from the bottom of my heart,
    for all the work and effort you put in
    to make these ‘Labs’ healthy, safe,
    and productive for all of us.

    I honestly don’t think
    there is anywhere on the Planet
    where one can go to a beautiful place,
    with good healthy food,
    to Experiment with themselves
    and Experience themselves
    in new and healthy ways.

    There is simply nowhere else where one can go
    to Discover themselves deeply,
    by using a special and unique way
    of speaking to themselves,
    and to Grow themselves,
    whether it is with their Angels that waft by,
    or their Barbarians that thump in their basement.

    I get so much out of these Labs
    and learn so much about myself.

    When I can have myself live in the Orientation long enough,
    I find that I am able to Own myself,
    Resolve my conflicts and transferences,
    Release the tension in my body,
    and Free up my energy to flow
    in new, fun, healthy and creative ways.

    I am already looking forward to the next one!

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