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pink_skyOur summer Personal Growth Retreat will be held  at Ocamora Retreat Center, a 265 acre compound nestled in a beautiful valley in the Sangre de Cristo foothills of northeastern New Mexico. This is one of our favorite retreat centers. Returning to Ocamora always feels like returning home.

5 reviews for Deposit to hold space for 6-Day Live Conscious Retreat

  1. katharine peters (verified owner)

    I am home from my first Reology Lab still basking in the after glow of the peace and openness I gifted myself. I have been to many circles, many retreats, many gatherings and I would leave glowing but the “high” would dissipate and I would go back to my old way of doing myself. I always attributed my peace and sense of connectedness to the moment, my companions and to the magic inside the circle. Today I do myself differently. I left Ocamora knowing that I do myself–every minute of every day. If I want the peace and the awareness and the presentness of the Lab I have only to do myself at home as I do myself in a Lab. I left with only a few tears and very little sadness as I took each of my Lab mates with me and I carry the beauty and the stillness of Ocamora in my heart. I delight myself in this moment and aware myself that Re-speak is more than a language, it is more than a tool, it is a way of life and my job is simply to re-member and re-do. I send blessings to everyone, especially my 2013 Ocamora brothers and sisters. I am in love with the you(s) in me and I am loving myself, this moment, in a rain storm in Toronto. Thank you all for participating in my awakening.

  2. DM Seeker (verified owner)

    After a week of reflection, here’s what I want to say about my retreat experience. I appreciate . . .

    That I felt a paradigm shift occurring during my six days at the Reology retreat about how I want to live my life, a shift the likes of which I never experienced during thirty days in a rehabilitation facility, or in four months of therapy even though I freely chose to receive treatment in all cases. The earlier gifts of therapy were a few tools to use in my life in special circumstances. The gift of Reology is that I have found a way to live consciously and responsibly. Using respeak and re-doing myself are too profound for me to call such gifts a tool.

    That the Reology circle felt more kind and loving than a similar circle at rehab.

    That I felt totally safe in the experiment of being taken around blindfolded at our Reology retreat. I did not feel at all safe when I did the same experiment in a college class in the 1970’s.

    That I ate healthy food every day at the retreat and liked it.

    That I danced more there than I have in two decades and rediscovered an activity that I enjoy.

    That Reology as a philosophy gives me insights into my “weltanshauung” at any second in time when I simply speak in re-speak; and in so doing I take ownership of my perspective, language, thoughts and feelings simultaneously.

    That I feel a connection in me between Reology and the Gestalt Prayer:
    I do my thing and you do your thing.
    I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
    And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
    You are you, and I am I,
    and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.
    If not, it can’t be helped.
    (Fritz Perls, “Gestalt Therapy Verbatim”, 1969)

    That I find the you-in-me, Jake and Hannah, every day to remind me not to be lazy. I inspire myself to do me actively when I recall you and the experiments we shared at the retreat.

  3. Cecilia Biglieri (verified owner)

    I have been participating in the Reology Labs for many years now and still found myself profoundly changing some core aspects of myself after this particular one in Ocamora. I perceived the intimate setting, the presentations and the experiences all contained in the safety of the circle, was conducive for me to deeply process and grow myself.
    I believe and experienced that through Reology (as a way of living) I allowed my timing and readiness to manifest so I can open myself and continue bringing me forward to a transformation and shift of old paradigms in myself.
    I named myself at the end of the lab “100 %” as a reminder and the commitment to choose to live my life fully stepping into a place of empowerment and engaging myself in plenitude to life, partnership and the sharing of this powerful body of work in me and with others.

    Desde hace ya varios años vengo participando en muchos de los Laboratorios de Reología, y aunque he repetido la experiencia, todavía me encuentro cambiando profundamente algunos de los aspectos mas esenciales de mi persona. Especialmente fué así para mí después de éste último en la localidad de Ocamora, donde el encuadre intimo, las presentaciones teóricas y las experiencias vivenciales contenidas por el circulo de personas fué conducivo para profundizar aún más mi proceso de crecimiento personal.
    Yo creo que la experiencia de reología (como una forma de vida) me permitió, respetando mis propios tiempos, el sentirme lista para manifestar mi ser de manera más plena ya que pude abrirme y continuar avanzando en el cambio y la transformación de mi misma.
    Al final de el laboratorio vivencial me cambié el nombre a “cien porciento” como una forma de recordar el compromiso conmigo misma de vivir una vida desde una perspectiva de empoderamiento, comprometida a vivir en plenitud, conmigo y en mi relacion de pareja y compartiendo éste conocimiento que es tan importante para mí, con todos los que me rodean.

  4. Janie Chodosh

    After a stressful life event, my husband and I were not living in a way that felt harmonious or respectful of each other. We decided to attend a reology lab in order to reconnect. During the six-days, I not only reconnected with my husband, but I learned how to use respeak language to bring us closer together, rather than driving us apart. I also fell more deeply in love with my husband, myself, and the life we’ve created.

  5. Callum Bell

    The staggering Aha! moment in a Reology lab comes with the realization that I am actually the source of all of the negative feelings (and positive too) I attribute to the words and actions of others. The result is a profound reorientation in which I cease to be a victim and start experiencing the freedom of my selfhood, liberated from the fear of judgement and the need for approval. A Reology lab offers a very special environment where, in an emotional safe zone, you can practice looking at yourself and the people around you in a new way that removes the nearly universal framework of praise and blame in which we normally live. The lab consists of lectures, sensory awareness exercises, music, movement, dreamwork, and a series of experiences that encourage new ways of interacting, relating and being present, all the while practicing the language of Respeak. The result is a blend of experiences ranging from the playful to the profound. My experience of Reology is that it is life-changing, especially in the context of an intimate relationship. In a few days I extracted myself from a deep rut, experienced seeing my partner with wonderfully fresh eyes, and best of all, shed my armor and rediscovered the ability to love more deeply. My impression of my lab mates is that virtually everyone experienced something profound. The theme in common is powerful self acceptance and the reawakening of the ability to relate deeply and fearlessly. One afternoon at the lab, walking barefoot after a storm, just having eaten a healthy meal, heading to the circle to experience another session with my new circle of warriors, I thought why can’t life always be this perfect? And then I realized, it can.

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