an opportunity to work on yourself

i-Workshops are a place to come and actually work on yourself and see others work on themselves while being consciously mentored by Jake Eagle. This is not a webinar in which information will be spewed all over you. No! We will share one valuable idea each i-Workshop and then ask for volunteers to show you how to put the idea into action.

Date: Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 at 10am (mountain time)

Topic: The Power of Presence

  • Most of us use force to get what we want. Sometimes we make demands, other times we cajole or negotiate. Often we end up in power struggles. The consequences of going through life like this include frustration, hurt feelings, guilt, resentment and uncertainty.
  • There is an easier way, a cleaner way. It involves learning to use the power of presence instead of force. During this i-Workshop you will learn how to do this and have a chance to practice and do your own work.

No charge

We are not charging for our i-Workshops, but we are asking people who participate to make a small donation. Why? Because we want everyone who participates to have skin in the game—commitment. We find it makes for a much better workshop. All the income we receive from i-Workshops we donate to charity. In this case we’re donating to: Partners In Health, a non-profit relief agency working to help people in Haiti. So, that’s where your money is going if you sign up, to people in Haiti.

To join us, sign up below and during the i-Workshop we’ll show you how you can make a donation.

No replays will be available for those who don’t participate.

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