New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Okay . . . a brand new year. If you read our articles you know that we think one of the most profound things in life is our ability to “redo” ourselves.


What’s a redo?

A redo is a chance to exercise our free will, so as soon as we feel just slightly off—in the ways we treat people or behave—we go back and redo ourselves. This is uniquely what makes us human.

Well, every new year is kind of like a massive redo. We get to pause, think about the previous year, go back and clean up any emotional footprints that we left and don’t feel good about. And we set our intentions for the kind of year and kind of emotional footprints that we hope to create in the coming year.

And when it comes to setting intentions—a great way to do so is to join us at our upcoming retreat. If you are thinking about joining us, we only have two places left—so call us this weekend if you want to make this happen for yourself. (505-986-3922)

Setting intentions and creating successful new year resolutions

The key to creating successful new year resolutions is to create one that is achievable on a daily basis. So be really specific. What would you have to do each day to fulfill your resolution?

We want to share with you our intentions for 2014.

Personally—I intend to have more fun. And Hannah tells me that her intentions are 1) to keep me company while I’m having more fun, and 2) to meditate everyday no matter what.

We also have an intention for Live Conscious. In 2014 we’re going to focus on the people who join our community, helping them to bring about greater transformation in their lives. To accomplish this we will be developing new support groups for our graduates. And we are developing a new methodology that will allow our graduates to better understand which areas in their lives are calling for more attention.  The six areas include:

  • Autonomy
  • Environmental Mastery
  • Personal Growth
  • Positive Relations With Others
  • Purpose In Life
  • Self-Acceptance

We will be able to help individuals better understand each of these aspects of their lives, as well as measure their progress for months to come after attending any of our retreats.

We continue to amaze ourselves with this work

Why are we doing this? Because Hannah and I continue to amaze ourselves with the possibilities of this work. We are taking our relationship to a level of ease and joyfulness, and taking our lives to a quality of abundance that we never knew was possible. We believe this is possible for us because of our commitment to integrate the Live Conscious orientation so deeply into our lives. This leads us to ask, “How can we make this possible for you?”

Because we’re going to put more focus and intention in this direction, in the coming weeks and months you will see fewer articles from us. We’ll keep writing articles and we’ll let you know when we do, but they won’t be every week. They’ll happen when we have a burst of inspiration that we want to share with you. Fortunately, S. Katharine Rivers will continue writing articles for us in 2014, because so many of you have expressed your appreciation for her unique voice.

There’s something you can do for us

So far, we’ve never charged anything for access to our website, articles, and free eBooks. You can help us believe that this is all worthwhile by thinking of one friend who you can encourage to come to our website and join our community. All they need to do is download one of our free eBooks and then we’ll let them know when we publish a new article. Will you do this for us? Will you do it now?

Who is searching for a practice?

Live Conscious is a practice. A combination of a psychological and spiritual practice. It is my belief that I need to focus on both areas—the psychological and the spiritual—if I want to achieve deep and sustainable satisfaction in my life.

The psychological part of this work is about healing my wounds, learning to create healthy emotional boundaries and developing mature ways to express my feelings, needs and wants. The spiritual part of this work for me is about living with presence and no resistance. It is the intersection of these two that, for me, creates complete appreciation for every moment.

If you're considering attending one of our retreats, click the link below to fill out the Personal Information Form. After we review it we'll get back to you with any additional questions or comments we may have.

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