How To Free Yourself — part I

Do you want to break free of old obstacles?

If you are like most of the people I work with, you’re self-aware and smart. Even so, you have certain obstacles in your life that hold you back.

And often, these obstacles aren’t new—it’s the same old things that hold you back. If you want to break your old patterns and move beyond these obstacles, ask yourself the following three key questions.

The reason these key questions are so powerful is because—if you answer them honestly—you will see something you haven’t wanted to see. Until you face this part of yourself, certain things are unlikely to change.

These three key questions reveal something that you’ve been hiding from yourself. I’ll explain more at the end of this article about how these questions work, but for now, just honestly answer the first question. The second question will be published in next weeks blog post.

Key question #1
What are you doing in your life that you know you shouldn’t be doing?

What are the top three things you are doing in your life—you don’t want to be doing—but for some reason you continue to do them. What are they? Make a list.

Now, which of these is the most important to you? Circle that one.

Why do you do it?
What do you get out of doing this?
If there is nothing positive in doing it, what does doing it allow you to avoid?
In other words, if you didn’t do it, what might happen?
Think of it this way, you do this behavior as a way to hide something.
What are you hiding?
Be honest with yourself about what you’re hiding, and for the first time you may have a real choice about changing this behavior.

How am I so sure you are hiding something? I’ll explain that in the final part of this article. For now, just try on the idea that you’re hiding something and if you acknowledge what that is you will be in a different place regarding this issue—you will be on the way to free yourself. When you’ve completed your answers, go to Part II of this article.

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