What’s Your Core Pattern—are you overwhelmed?

What’s Your Core Pattern?

I’ve identified four core patterns:





Which one is yours?


When I ask about a core pattern, I mean a primary pattern of behavior that we use to cope, but also to limit ourselves. We all learn our core patterns very early in life and they usually slip into a non-conscious space—just outside of our awareness.

The reason it’s so helpful to identify your core pattern is because this gives you leverage on bringing about change and growth in your life. Instead of focusing on every issue, disagreement and disappointment—if you focus on your core pattern you simplify your life and accelerate your personal development.

Each core pattern has a particular remedy. My core pattern is overwhelm. Once I identified my core pattern, I could focus on the remedy. The remedy for the core pattern of overwhelm is creating and maintaining healthy boundaries. If I focus on creating and maintaining healthy boundaries, I don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to figure out what’s going on in every situation, or why.

If I continuously apply the remedy to my core pattern, most of my issues don’t arise. This is an enormous source of leverage. So why don’t more people use this strategy? Most people aren’t aware of their core patterns. And most people don’t know the remedies. This is part of what we’re teaching during our Live Conscious retreats.

When you apply the remedy to your core pattern, you come face-to-face with the things in your life that you haven’t fully dealt with. If you want to accelerate your growth—this is a turbo charger.

Also, we invite you to change your relationship to your core pattern by using Perception Language. So instead of saying, “My life is overwhelming,” I say, “I overwhelm myself.” By doing this I make myself an active participant. This way of putting words together suggests that I actively create my own experiences. I am doing to myself as opposed to having things done to me.

As soon as I change my language, I change my experience of myself. That’s why language is so powerful. If you want to learn how to do this, consider joining us at our next week-long retreat.

In one week more change and growth occurs than in a year of therapy.

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