Three Keys To Emotional Health

We’ve identified three things that are necessary to recreate emotional health, which is a prerequisite to having a great life and sustainable relationships.

1. The first is psychological development.

There are many psychological practices and therapies that lead to emotional health. Our preference is Live Conscious and Perception Language. But regardless of your path, the purpose of engaging in your own psychological work is for you to develop your emotional maturity. Such maturity isn’t really possible without a high degree of self-acceptance. After working on yourself for a while, if you feel unable to accept yourself, it’s probably because you missed a step in your development and never received sufficient nurturance. If that’s the case there are specific therapies that may help you—they are focused more on receiving nurturance from others than on growing yourself up.

2. The second piece is what we call “embodied liberation.”

We all need to find ways to undo old patterns of physical (body) armoring. The patterns of armoring that are stored in our bodies can become obstacles to emotional health and growth. These patterns can be freed up through participating in various therapeutic modalities—ranging from yoga and dance to Rolfing and Orgone therapy.

3. The final piece of the equation is an ongoing mindfulness practice.

A mindfulness practice—meditation, sensory awareness, Tai Chi—is a way to train your mind to be in a receptive versus reactive state. Although none of us live 100% in a receptive state, we can learn to live in a such a state much more of the time. When we do so we turn down the volume of our reptilian brains—fight, flight, freeze—and we enter into a state of emotional health that fosters openness, curiosity, compassion, and presence.

When you put these three approaches together, which is part of what happens in our labs, you create a remarkably solid and resilient foundation upon which to live your life. If you’ve only done some of the above, and you’re not getting the results you want, look at exploring the modalities you haven’t yet tried.

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