Sensory Awareness — Day 2 — Maya Tulum 2012

IMG_4051We woke up on our third day of the retreat to a thick fog that quickly burned off and revealed a gorgeous sunny day – accompanied by a calm and almost phosphorescent turquoise sea. We met early on the beach to do our 4—Directions meditation and a sensory experience . . . sensing the sand under our feet, the breeze on our skin, the warmth of the sun, the sound and sensation of waves lapping at our feet—as we slowly walked with eyes closed for a distance on the beach toward and into the water.  With our eyes closed all of our other senses came into sharper awareness.

I have named myself Wide Open. With this name I remind myself to stay wide open to all that my senses have to offer . . . returning myself, repeatedly, to the present moment.

Jake’s lecture this morning on Duality is my favorite. His clearly seasoned understanding of human nature and why we behave in the ways we do is delivered each time in such a fresh and dynamic way, that I still deeply rivet myself to his presentation, though I know this topic well.

With the afternoon off many have gone snorkeling near the ancient ruins of Tulum. Others have gone to the beach or retired to their cabanas for rest.  I am so grateful for another profoundly beautiful day here at Maya Tulum and for how vibrantly alive I feel right now.

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