What is your core delusion?


What is your core delusion? Most of us have one.

Live Conscious advocates that we become aware of all parts of ourselves even those parts that we dislike, i.e. our jealous, anxious, fearful, selfish, angry, resentful, and needy parts. We are then asked to accept, not necessarily the behaviors of these parts, but the needs underlying these parts. These “needs” stem from what Carl Jung called our original or “core delusions” which he described as “fixed ideas created by unresolved…painful events.”

Jung meant that something happened in our past and from that experience we formed a mistaken perception about ourselves and others that we keep applying to current experiences. Homeopaths also see this core delusion as often being inherited or genetic.

A few examples of the myriad of core delusions are: “I am not safe,” “I will be betrayed,” “I am better than everyone,” “I am not good enough,” “ I do not deserve to be happy,” “There is something wrong with me that I must hide,” “If I am not sick or in pain, I will not be loved,” “I will never be successful,” “I am not loveable.”

Generally we are not consciously aware of this driving force behind our actions, thoughts, plans, and behaviors. Discovering the “core delusion” is central to the Homeopathic process and the focus of my practice. A constitutional remedy is designed to address the “core delusion” by finding a remedy that will match each patient’s delusion or mis-perception, which then stimulates an internal adjustment, so that we can begin living our lives based on more realistic perceptions and expectations of ourselves and the world around us. When we address our core delusion, most everything in our lives becomes easier.

My blog entries will rarely be about homeopathy, but I feel so passionate about helping people deal with core issues, homeopathically, that I will occasionally utilize this venue to share such information.

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